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Microluch variator Timing advance processors "Microluch"

Variators: "3DHmel","3DInd","3DHall","sHmel".

The variators purpose is to define the angle of ignition for cars equipped with gas installations.

Fuel economy - 25% CNG or 10% LPG.
Significantly increases the engine's torque when working on gas.
Prevents the burnout of the exhaust valve and the catalyst.

Our variators are especially effective, due to the ability to fine tune the angle, based on the turnover.

Hmel variator

The use of the variator is necessary due to gas burning slower than petrol.
Even the most advanced gas injection controller of the 4th generation is unable to affect the timing of the fuel ignition. The timing defines the ECU of the car, not knowing, that the engine is working on gas.
In the operating modes of the engine with a load, some gas is not burned in the cylinder. That leads to a decrease in the engines power, and an increase in the temperature of the exhaust gases, which changes the geometry of the exhaust valve, burnout of the exhaust valve saddles, and a decrease in the life span of the catalyst neutralizer. In some cars, overheating may lead to the ignition coils that are located directly on the engine, to fail.
The variator detects that the engine has changed to using gas, changes the signal from the sensor of the crankshafts’ location, in a way that ECU ignites the fuel a few degrees earlier, the fuel burns, increasing torque and power, especially with low turnover, decreasing the temperature and toxicity of the exhaust!


Features of the "3DHmel" variator:

Features of the "Microluch 3DInd" variator:

Features of the "Microluch 3DHall" variator:

Software Microvar.exe for configuration of the variator using PC :

Variator configuration software
- Shows the current parameters of the engine and the variator's work,
- Records the advance graph and the work parameters onto the variator,
- Shows the waveform of the signals,
- Used to change the variators firmware.

The list is constantly updated, and currently consists of 200+ car types.
If you have decided to install the variator onto a car that is not included on the list, please contact us for advise, either by phone or E-Mail.

Tests at the stand - Skoda А5 using LPG, graph shows comparison between the car without the variator, and with the variator, with 7 degrees advance.
The increase in power and torque is clearly seen, especially at low turnover.
The variator completely removes the loss in torque when the car starts moving.

Tests at the stand

Downloads for the variator:

документ Variators
zip archive that has: configuration software for the variator, instructions for installation of the variator, and firmwares. Latest version contains more than 60 firmwares!
This archive is constantly updated. We recommend to frequently download the fresh version.

Programmer will have some work to do ;) The Microluch variators are made in Ukraine, using an automatic SMT line.

If installed correctly, the variator is a very reliable device.

The variator is released in a splash-proof design, even though the variator is covered in varnish and the protective cover is tightly taped.

So, every installer has to take measures to protect the device from hits, rubbing during vibration, water and dirt, keeping in mind the car's features.

It is very important to hydroisolate places of wire connection.